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Mobe Ratings : If there is one thing that everyone hates, it’s a slacker—and they affect everything. From deadlines to quality, they can hinder your company’s productivity by dragging down or slowing down your team’s efforts. It’s understandable that on some days, employees become unproductive which takes efficiency out of their used-to-be best performance.

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Sure, everyone needs a break at some point. But how do you turn laziness around to get the best out of your staff? Check out these management tricks to help you get better output from everyone on your team.

1. Schedule a one-on-one talk.

Mobe Ratings : No matter how much it kills, you can’t go around firing people right off the bat. For all you know, there is a reason why employee productivity gets affected and the only way to find out is to talk to the employee concerned.

2. Be clear about goals.

Mobe Ratings : Making team goals is one thing, but creating individual ones can be daunting to some. Sometimes, employees slack off because they are bored or do not know what their managers expect from them.

3. Tap into their desires.

Mobe Ratings :There is nothing like a good incentive to keep employees driven. Giving bonuses or rewarding them may be one of the oldest tricks in the book, but it still works. Your employees will be more motivated in doing their job if they have a constant need to achieve something. If you don’t know what they want, you will not entice them to perform better, resulting in wasted efforts and resources.

4. Add more responsibilities.

Mobe Ratings : Added responsibilities become a challenge for some employees and it’s the best way for you to find out where your unmotivated employee’s talents fit. Think of it as an experiment if you will, but there is a bigger chance that your employee will rise to the challenge and will like the situation to stay that way.

5. Discuss career ladder.

Mobe Ratings : Get your employees to look forward to something aside from their performance goals. At times, painting a picture of the not-so-distant future gets your employees moving forward. Moreover, creating a career ladder for them helps in planning their course of action until the next career upgrade, so to speak.

6. Offer a lateral movement.

Mobe Ratings : When employees get into a routine, they get bored. This might be true with your slacker employee. However, a lateral movement is not just exchanging jobs with another person. It entails careful consideration so as not to affect the morale of the employee.

7. Create a training plan.

Mobe Ratings : There is a reason why employees got hired in the first place and it’s usually because they have great potential. Invest in their skills by sending them to seminars, trainings and workshops; because not only do you make them more valuable for your organization, you also boost their confidence.

8. Don’t be hostile.

Mobe Ratings : Slackers or underperforming employees might be getting on your nerves, but this is no call to be mean or sarcastic to them. Making them unhappy in the workplace increases the chance that you will tick them off and get them to resign.

9. Don’t be easily impressed.

Mobe Ratings : When slackers get the feeling that they are going to get fired unless they get their act together, they tend to change overnight. When they do so, don’t be too quick with your praises. You want excellence to become a habit and you might need to be prudent in waiting for it to become a routine.

10. Remember, they have a life outside of their jobs.

Mobe Ratings : Communication is important, but so is empathy. When you get the chance to do that one-on-one talk with your employee, remember that there is a possibility that they are going through a personal matter. Offer to give them some time off to settle their personal stuff.

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