Mobe Matt Lloyd On Consensual Marketing To Old Contacts

MOBE Matt Lloyd :You have been attending MOBE events and many other business networking events. You finally decide to join the MOBE affiliates program and promote some of the MOBE products. The most logical list to reach out to first will be the business network you have made from all this events. They are already in business, or in a business mindset, so they are a ready market, right?

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The simple answer is, yes, but depending on the way you approach it. Matt Lloyd advises both building new lists and approaching old contacts. He recommends approaching them individually, instead of shooting off a bulk email that will probably be considered spam.

Avoid Spamming People

When you email people whose business cards you got at an event 5 years ago and haven’t kept contact with, they don’t know you and will view your email as spam, hence they are highly likely not to open it. Instead, contact them individually and introduce yourself and remind them of where you met.

Then start building rapport and get to know about them. Find out the type of business they are currently involved in, because things may have changed since you last spoke to them. Listen and understand their needs and problems, then decide which MOBE products will best solve their issues. Discuss the problem with them, and once you have their confirmation that they would like a solution, tell them about the MOBE products you promote.

Final Thought

When you create new lists, you know the person is interested in what you are promoting. They clicked your paid ads and filled out your opt in forms, so they are ready for your message. Old contacts, however, might not remember you anymore, and you need to build a relationship with them first.