Mobe Scam Tips :Real Estate Investment Mistakes

Mobe Scam Tips : Despite the current volatile and uncertain market, real estate is one of the few investment sectors still showing promising returns. But like any other endeavor, there is the right and wrong way to do it.

A lot of investors will rush into a promising market without proper strategy, knowledge, or planning, and they end up losing their investments.

The first step in avoiding mistakes is knowing what they are. This  Mobe Scam Tips article includes a list of the most common real estate investment mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Lacking Knowledge and Experience

Having enough money is not the only factor to consider when deciding to invest in real estate. You must have sufficient knowledge about what you are getting yourself into.

Many real estate investors are quick to put their financial lives at risk by investing without fully understanding the possible consequences.

2. Expecting Quick Cash

Self-appointed real estate gurus and their commercials mislead new, over-enthusiastic investors into believing real estate investment is a ‘get-rich-quick’ solution. Making money in real estate is definitely not the overnight success they make it out to be. It is a long-term investment which requires hard work and persistence before you reap profits.

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3. Playing the Lone Ranger

Real estate investment is not a one man show. The key to success is building a strong team of experienced professionals. At the very least, your team should include a real estate agent, an appraiser, a home inspector, an attorney, and a lender.

4. Paying Too Much

One of the greatest risks that come with not having a qualified team to guide you is getting ripped off. A lot of real estate investors do not make money because they bought an over-valued property.

5. Failing to Plan

Many investors will buy property and then try to come up with a plan on what to do with it. That kind of impulsive, backward planning is a major reason investors lose money in real estate.

6. Neglecting Due Diligence

Investing is a fast paced industry and often you have to move quickly on your deals or risk losing them. However, that is not an excuse for signing a contract without doing thorough research.

7. Incorrect Estimations

When budgeting, people tend to underestimate expenses and overestimate profits. When budgeting for your investment, always estimate the maximum cost for expenses, plus a little more for unexpected expenses.

8. Staying Too Long in the Market

A market might be secure today and crumbling tomorrow. You have to study market trends closely and be ready to sell at the right time. For example, when property prices rise, many investors have a tendency to hold on in expectation of another hike.

9. Misjudging Cash Flow

If you intend on renting your property, you need a budget for the maintenance of the property and other expenses like, the mortgage, taxes, insurance, and the cost of advertising.

10. No Exit Strategy

Mobe Scam Tips :What if your property does not sell or get leased? Many investors have no real exit strategy for when their investment does not go according to plan. Have several well planned exit strategies and set timelines for when to implement them.

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Mobe Affiliate Program :Handling Conflicts

Mobe Affiliate Program Tips: Sometimes people just don’t get along. They are from varying walks of life and will view things differently. Someone’s standpoint on a particular topic may offend someone else and a seemingly sound decision might seem illogical to the next person.


When you are managing people in a business setting, you are bound to find yourself facing personality clashes. These issues could range from something as simple as someone playing music too loudly to larger issues like rumors and accusations. Generally, people will be civil and work together despite their differences, but sometimes issues are such that they cannot find a common ground and you will need to intervene.

Define Acceptable Behavior

Defining what is acceptable and unacceptable in the company is a positive step towards preventing conflict. Create a framework for decision making that will outline behaviors that are in line with the company’s rules and regulations. Outline clearly how managers will select who is in charge of team projects, encourage sound business practices and collaborations, and reward excellent teamwork.

Seek Out Areas of Potential Conflict

Watch out for personality clashes between employees and find ways to help them work together despite their differences. Some personality clashes may be obvious, for example, team members with very strong and opposing convictions on certain subjects. In this case, call both employees and discuss the issue before it becomes a conflict.

Identify the Real Issue

Often the root cause of a conflict is clouded by emotions that surround it. A small issue can escalate to a much larger one because of a simple offense. If Employee “A” is offended by Employee “B” playing their music loudly, and that issue is not addressed quickly, it could affect their working relationship, making it difficult for them to collaborate on projects.

Approach the Situation with an Open Mind

Be neutral and consider both points of view. If an employee reports an issue with another, listen to each side of the story without prejudice. Take an objective look and try to understand each party’s perspective. Ask questions if necessary. Approach the issue with a rational, goal oriented frame of mind, which will depersonalize the conflict and separate the issue from the people involved.

Matt Lloyd Positive Approach Towards MOBE

Deal with Facts, not Emotions

Acknowledging emotions does not mean focusing on them. It means accepting that people are angry, unhappy, hurt, etc., and realizing that the emotions are just a byproduct of the problem. Address the problem, not emotions. Avoid attacking personalities or passing judgement on character. Attacking someone’s character will only cause defensiveness and have people take offense, which will only escalate the conflict. Acknowledge how both parties feel, but be sure to focus on the specific issue needing resolution.

Consider the Best Time to Address the Issue

Mobe Affiliate Program Tips: It is important to address conflict as quickly as possible, but it will be much more difficult if everybody is still angry. People are not likely to be reasonable when emotions are high. Their focus would be on proving they are right, not resolving the conflict. Ask both parties to take time to reflect on the situation, then set up a meeting where everyone can discuss the issue more objectively.

Ask Both Parties to Suggest a Solution

After hearing both sides of the story, ask each participant to suggest what they would like to see happen in order for the issue to be resolved. Encourage the employees to consider the other person and offer a solution that will benefit all parties. Weigh both solutions and decide on a resolution that is in the best interest of the employees and the company. Explain your decision to the employees and make sure everyone is willing to move on.


Mobe Review :Business Leadership

Mobe Review :Most entrepreneurs aren’t thinking of themselves as “business leaders” when they start a company. But in a competitive business environment, effective leadership is necessary to achieve organizational goals.

mobe-review-business-leadershipTo meet such challenge, leaders must be able to inspire, motivate and direct their team members. And that’s not always as easy as it sounds.

Lead … or Else

Mobe Review :Consider, for example, the story of David Blatt, the former head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers. He is a highly regarded basketball coach with a proven track record of success. In his first year as coach, he was fired after helping the Cavaliers during the NBA finals, even though the team is leading in the middle of the current season.


Mobe Review :Whether in sports or business, your approach to leading your team will impact all areas of your life. What happened to Blatt could happen to any business owner who’s charged with the task of leading a mixed bag of superstars and rookies. To help you avoid a similar fate, here are some key takeaways:

Your Team Must Respect You

Mobe Review :Never take the respect of your team for granted. You must earn it every day, just as they must earn yours. Past successes don’t count for much in business, so identify what you know that your team members don’t, and then start teaching them. By constantly working to make the team better—even the star players—you will impress them and earn their respect.

Avoid Playing Favorites

Mobe Review :True leaders don’t play favorites because they know favoritism inevitably erodes team morale. In Blatt’s case, overlooking mistakes made by his star player while pouncing on mistakes made by other team members ended up costing him the respect of his team.

No One’s Perfect

Mobe Review :As David Blatt proved, even experienced leaders with a tremendous A-game can make mistakes. Despite making great strides in his single season with the Cavaliers, his best efforts were waylaid by an unanticipated upturn of events.

Own Your Mistakes

Mobe Review :When leading a team in business, it’s important to own your mistakes. Whether dealing with customers, staff or your senior management team, don’t shy away from acknowledging your own blunders. Doing so shows you’re both human and demanding as much from yourself as others.

Toughness Matters

Mobe Review :To be a successful leader in the business world, you’ll need to stand up for yourself. As Donald Trump told Forbes magazine: “When somebody challenges you, fight back. Be brutal, be tough.” Fellow billionaire and former mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg agrees. At a commencement ceremony Bloomberg said, “In the business world, it’s dog-eat-dog … you occasionally have to throw some elbows.”

Don’t Be a Jerk

Mobe Review :Toughness has its place in business, but don’t get carried away. Team members perform better for business owners and managers they like. As Mark Cuban advises: “People hate dealing with people who are jerks. It’s always easier to be nice than to be a jerk. Don’t be a jerk.”

Mobe Ratings :Motivate Slackers

Mobe Ratings : If there is one thing that everyone hates, it’s a slacker—and they affect everything. From deadlines to quality, they can hinder your company’s productivity by dragging down or slowing down your team’s efforts. It’s understandable that on some days, employees become unproductive which takes efficiency out of their used-to-be best performance.

10-ways-employers-can-motivate-slackers-to-be-productive-Mobe Ratings

Sure, everyone needs a break at some point. But how do you turn laziness around to get the best out of your staff? Check out these management tricks to help you get better output from everyone on your team.

1. Schedule a one-on-one talk.

Mobe Ratings : No matter how much it kills, you can’t go around firing people right off the bat. For all you know, there is a reason why employee productivity gets affected and the only way to find out is to talk to the employee concerned.

2. Be clear about goals.

Mobe Ratings : Making team goals is one thing, but creating individual ones can be daunting to some. Sometimes, employees slack off because they are bored or do not know what their managers expect from them.

3. Tap into their desires.

Mobe Ratings :There is nothing like a good incentive to keep employees driven. Giving bonuses or rewarding them may be one of the oldest tricks in the book, but it still works. Your employees will be more motivated in doing their job if they have a constant need to achieve something. If you don’t know what they want, you will not entice them to perform better, resulting in wasted efforts and resources.

4. Add more responsibilities.

Mobe Ratings : Added responsibilities become a challenge for some employees and it’s the best way for you to find out where your unmotivated employee’s talents fit. Think of it as an experiment if you will, but there is a bigger chance that your employee will rise to the challenge and will like the situation to stay that way.

5. Discuss career ladder.

Mobe Ratings : Get your employees to look forward to something aside from their performance goals. At times, painting a picture of the not-so-distant future gets your employees moving forward. Moreover, creating a career ladder for them helps in planning their course of action until the next career upgrade, so to speak.

6. Offer a lateral movement.

Mobe Ratings : When employees get into a routine, they get bored. This might be true with your slacker employee. However, a lateral movement is not just exchanging jobs with another person. It entails careful consideration so as not to affect the morale of the employee.

7. Create a training plan.

Mobe Ratings : There is a reason why employees got hired in the first place and it’s usually because they have great potential. Invest in their skills by sending them to seminars, trainings and workshops; because not only do you make them more valuable for your organization, you also boost their confidence.

8. Don’t be hostile.

Mobe Ratings : Slackers or underperforming employees might be getting on your nerves, but this is no call to be mean or sarcastic to them. Making them unhappy in the workplace increases the chance that you will tick them off and get them to resign.

9. Don’t be easily impressed.

Mobe Ratings : When slackers get the feeling that they are going to get fired unless they get their act together, they tend to change overnight. When they do so, don’t be too quick with your praises. You want excellence to become a habit and you might need to be prudent in waiting for it to become a routine.

10. Remember, they have a life outside of their jobs.

Mobe Ratings : Communication is important, but so is empathy. When you get the chance to do that one-on-one talk with your employee, remember that there is a possibility that they are going through a personal matter. Offer to give them some time off to settle their personal stuff.

Mobe Products Ideas: Raising Money

Mobe Products Ideas: The most difficult thing about owning a small business has to be deciding on how and where to spend money. So many areas of your business demanding resources, so little money to spend! Many small businesses might opt for a loan, but you might not want an extra financial commitment when you are barely keeping the finances of your business together.

mobe-products-ideas-raising-moneyWithout a loan and the financial boost that comes with it, the prospects of startup growth and expansion might seem very small and this could discourage your expansion endeavours. Fortunately, there are many other ways of financing your startup business for growth without adding another burden of a loan to your plate.

Mobe Products Tips to Raise Money for Your Business:

  • Cut off Functions That Are Not Profitable

Evaluate your company and cut out every function that is not profitable or effective. Some parts of the business have become “must have’s” that we tend to automatically always have them even when a company doesn’t really need them, e.g. Human Resource or Payroll.

  • Make Faster Decisions

Analyze and interpret data and trends quickly, then make decisions on your next move. This puts you ahead of your competitors and facilitates the implementation of new strategies by your business first.

  • Utilize All Tax Credits

Find out all the tax credits you are entitled to and leverage on them. There are a lot of tax exemptions that can help you save money that many businesspeople are not aware of, e.g. resale exclusions and machinery exemptions.

  • Get Grants

Like tax exemptions, there are many grants available to small businesses for growth, especially if your record shows that you are doing well. A thorough research and visit to all local business funding departments will help you find out about which grants you qualify for.

  • Rent Out Your Facility

An office rearrangement can create lots of space that can be partitioned into rooms and be rented out to generate a lot of passive income. You can also rent out meeting rooms to other companies or small time entrepreneurs who need temporary space, e.g. tutors.

  • Open Up Your Website for Advertising

Many small companies do not have a website yet and are always looking for easy and inexpensive ways to advertise. Allowing such companies to place advertisements will generate you a good deal of passive income, as you can advertise for several companies at a go.

  • Factoring

This is a financing method where a business owner sells accounts receivables to a third party source to raise funding. Simply, after you receive an invoice, you sell it to someone at a discount for immediate cash.

  • Issue Bonds

You can sell bonds to investors, who will only receive interest on the bond issued. Bonds are different from stock investment because you still fully own your business and the bond investors do not even participate in the decision-making process of the business.

  • Preferred Stock

This is a form of equity financing where you sell shares to individuals; but unlike stock, they hold no vote on company governance and can only receive a predetermined return on their stock. Preferred stock outlines the current value of the shares and the expected value per share dividend each year.

  • Common Stock

Lastly, if you don’t mind sharing, you can sell part of your company for common stock. This gives the buyers a voting share in the company. To still maintain control of your company, you can sell only a small amount of shares, and even negotiate a buyout or preference should the buyers ever decide to sell their shares.