Matt Lloyd On Presenting Webinars

As a MOBE consultant, you want to promote MOBE products in the best way possible to earn more commissions. You have put up quite effective strategies, and you are considering webinars as your next move. But you don’t know how to start. Matt Lloyd talks about how newbies can create effective webinars here.

Offer Value, And Advance a Sale

Your content should offer your audience information of value, but if should also advance a sale. The purpose of your webinar and all other marketing materials is to make sales at the end of the day. You want to move your prospects from a point where they are slightly interested to actually taking out their credit card and making a purchase.

Matt Lloyd advices finding a minimum of 3 core pieces of content, then spending about 10 minutes discussing each. You will introduce your core piece of content, then talk about why your audience needs to implement it, showing them the benefit in doing so. Clearly explain the value of your core piece of content and make sure your audience understands well.

Call to Action

By the time you reach the end of the webinar, your content will have already supported the sale. Your prospects will be seeing the value in what you discussed. Now it is time to introduce the MOBE products that you are promoting. Matt Lloyd suggest using your personal experience with the product, talking about how it has worked out for you. You could also talk about a few case studies and testimonies from other MOBE consultants.


So now you have given your prospects information of value and built them up for purchase. You have introduced them to MOBE products, now it’s time to close the webinar. When you close, Matt Lloyd advices telling them to go to a link to get started. You want to put a call to action here, where you tell them to get the product you are promoting, briefly reminding them of all the benefits you have discusses which they will get from the product.

Matt Lloyd on Maximizing RIO from Seminars

The most expensive seminar you can attend is one that does not give you return on investment. The point of attending business seminars is to learn how to get your business started or improve on your existing business.

matt lloyd tips for seminars

You spend days at the seminar taking notes and collecting all brochures and reading material offered. The problem occurs when it’s time to go back home. Most business owners will just go on with their usual routine, the seminar notes cast aside, whatever that was learnt at the seminar never implemented.

Different Approach

Matt Lloyd proposes a different approach towards seminars in order to get the best out of your investment. Instead of going to an event with hopes of learning many things you can implement in your business, he advises looking for only three key things that can have a great impact in your business and make your investment worthwhile if you implement them.

Key Factors

These three key factors can come in any form, it could be a new idea, an experience, a piece of information, or even new connections.

You could pick up an idea that you may have heard or learned before but never considered, and you realize it’s something that you can implement right away.

An experience could come from something you implemented in the past to grow your business, or even for personal growth. You could replicate the positive results of this experience by re-implementing it. An experience could also come from activities and exercises during the seminar that shows you a new strategy which will work for your business.

Connections are the network of other people at the seminar. These are business owners with unique experiences and knowledge you can benefit from. They are also potential business partners. Interact with both speakers and attendees, and swap business contact information for any possible partnering deals in future.


Seminars are an important source of knowledge. There will be a lot of valuable information shared throughout the event. Instead of trying to absorb it all at once, seek important takeaways you can implement on your business when you get back home.

Mobe Matt Lloyd’s Positive Approach

Mobe Matt Lloyd :For the past few weeks, I’ve been reflecting on how the year 2015 was for me, in both my business and personal life. There was definitely a lot of upside, but there’s still room for improvement.


I’ve given a lot of thought to what is needed for me to reach the next level and keep MOBE, its partners, and affiliates expanding and prospering in 2016.

Personal Productivity

It might surprise you to hear me say that my personal productivity was absolutely terrible last year. Throughout my days and nights, I spent a lot of time in front of my computer and was certainly busy … but not as effective as I could have been.

There were a few key productivity killers for me: checking email, Skype, Facebook, and WhatsApp. (I’ll admit, I also spent a fair bit of time on Tinder, too.)

Besides being distracted with these things, I was constantly changing direction throughout the day, starting different tasks but rarely finishing any of them. At the end of the day, there were a bunch of loose ends with nothing major accomplished. Again, it was another instance in which I was busy but not necessarily effective.

Lastly, my productivity suffered from my lack of a structured schedule. Most days, for the past few years of MOBE’s rapid growth, I have had no set wake-up time, because I’ve always liked the freedom of being able to sleep in. So, my working hours are very strange to most people, like going to sleep at 5:30am and waking up around lunchtime or later.

Is MOBE a Scam? The Truth you h’ve been waiting for…

The Following Are among the Resolutions I Am Going to Make in 2016, if Maximum Productivity Is to Be Realized:

  • Greatly reduce or totally eliminate the distractions—Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.
  • Complete my tasks in a timely manner.
  • Travel less, attend only the essential events, and reduce overall stay time.
  • Establish a structured daily routine and set hours.

Right off the Top of My Head, Here Are Some Things That Will Be the Most Profitable Use of My Time:

  • Seeking out and interviewing managerial talent for the company: People who can be in leadership positions and help take us to the next level.

  • Putting all my focus on front-end marketing campaigns: And hitting the minimum input numbers to get the desired output numbers we need.

  • Proactively investing my money: For the last few years, I have been building up my cash reserves. All my focus has gone into building the company, with very little focus on investing the proceeds.

Personal Health and Development

In 2015, I got into better shape. I exercised regularly (still do) and lost weight but behind the scenes, it’s far from ideal.

It’s a little embarrassing to admit it, but every night, I eat a bag of Twisties (similar to “Cheetos” in the U.S.) and a whole block of Cadbury chocolate—more than 2,000 calories altogether. I’ve been doing this for a long time as my “little reward” at the end of the day and though I want to, I haven’t been able to just quit cold turkey.

I know this is not good and it will ultimately defeat my efforts to stay in shape.

For some time, I’ve been thinking about hiring a personal chef but I’ve put it off again and again, mainly because I thought it would be a waste of money. But if I were eating healthier on a regular basis—and paying for it—I’d be less inclined toward poor snacking choices.

In the area of personal development, I see that, though I did read business-related books every day, I slipped into the mode of reading just for the sake of increasing my knowledge.

Below are ways which I can improve this situation in 2016:

  • Replace my chocolate craving with healthier options—snacks that are organic and not full of processed ingredients.

  • Have a personal chef come every two days and prepare meals for the following two days.

  • Increase my exercise regimen with bi-weekly boxing lessons.

  • Monitor my daily weight (already doing this) and keep a chart of it to make sure it’s trending in the right direction.

  • Consistently stay under 78kg (170 lbs), be lean, muscular, and in great shape.

  • Read books or listen to audio versions 30 minutes a day about topics that I feel can provide what I need to know more on taking MOBE to the next level.


State of MOBE

Overall, it was a good year in terms of sales growth—we were profitable.

While profitability is definitely a good condition to be in, one of the biggest dangers is that you can become too complacent enough not to see if all revenue sources are in fact profitable. It’s very easy for the profitable revenue sources to hide the unprofitable ones. If you’re not paying attention, those losses can begin to pile up.

Speaking of planning, I will give you a “for instance.” Last year (and ever since we started), we’ve never had proper budgets or forecasts in place for all divisions. We’ve just winged it, really. And though production has been generally good all around, we’ve never assigned weekly targets for each division to hit. That’s all part of planning.

In 2016, my overall goal is to triple the size of MOBE—triple the revenue and triple the commissions paid out to our affiliates.

How? Well, as one of my own mentors always says to me: “Metrics, metrics, metrics.”

Last year, I monitored gross sales daily against what we projected to do that month and how that number relates to our previous record month. (Were we 22% up? 15% down?) I knew exactly what targets we had to accomplish every day to beat our previous highest-ever. By paying attention to the numbers and driving action to make those targets, we beat it again and again.

In 2016, we have already started to break down the revenue targets for each division (e.g. events, phone sales, etc.) and, based on the last 12 months of data, determined how many front-end units are required to hit those targets.

Here’s What I’m Doing to Ensure That We Reach These Targets:

  • Monitor MOBE’s revenue metrics:
    And engage in a daily obsession on how to improve them and reach the daily and monthly goals.(How obsessed? Last year, I checked the numbers on a massive flat-screen monitor over my desk. Now, I have it on my iPhone. I can see the targets for both daily and monthly revenues, and also what the business needs to be averaging right down to the hour to meet those targets. Every time I look down at my phone, I will see those numbers and be reminded not to squander time.)

  • Goal reviews: Thirty minutes each day, I will review goals. I have a small storage room in my apartment that I made into my “Focus Room.” Twice a day, I will go in there just to review the monthly and daily targets. With this undistracted time and space, I can determine what I need to do to stay on track.

  • Twice a week: I will review our metrics with my CFO; then relay that information to our sales managers (phone sales and event sales).

  • Maximize live events: All over the world with daily focus on event registration numbers. I will take the numbers with me in my “Focus Room” sessions to determine what’s needed to make the daily targets and overall attendance.

  • Create weekly reports of: Net Posting high gross sales figures is great but it’s not the whole truth. Net sales tells you if you’re actually making a profit.

Future of MOBE

I’ve been saying for some time now that MOBE seeks to be the #1 small business training company. In actual practice, what this means is that we will be repositioning the perception of MOBE in the marketplace from a home business opportunity to an educational or seminar company. Mainly, I want to do this because it’s much more scalable and we can target mainstream business owners as well.

To pull this off, we will be changing some of our key programs in the first quarter of the year. We’ll be making changes to our compensation plan as well. To ensure a smooth transition, I want to make sure that I am not rushing into these changes.

Here’s Some of the Ways We Will Carry out This Shift:

  • Meet with affiliates and sales teams:
    I’ll be talking to our top affiliates, sales managers, and sales reps to make sure that we don’t make any abrupt changes that affect our current conversion rates.

  • Build an eight-person in-house marketing team: With full-time copywriters, to create the campaigns and bring about the shift in perception.

  • Focus on selling more: I’ll present a major sales webinar every week. I’ll also have new offers ready for the affiliates, twice a month at the minimum.

  • I will take an active role: In creating business for the company by generating inbound leads through our affiliates and through our corporate media buys.

  • Update our email marketing strategy: First, I will create a much better segmentation of the lists. Then, I will start getting daily emails out—every single day. And everything we send out will be at a higher level of quality, even if it means we have to take an extra hour or two to get the format, design, and copy “just right.” Nothing is more important than maintaining and improving our relationship with our list.

  • Improve communication with affiliates: On promoting events (including much more advance notice).

  • Stronger MOBE affiliate support, especially for our top earners: Daily reports, concierge service, whatever they need.

  • Monday affiliate “State of the Company” address: I’ll be having many more webinars to engage our affiliates and to communicate important changes.

These are just a few of the things I’ll be doing to expand and reposition MOBE. (I could have told you a lot more but I was trying to keep it to about 2,000 words.)
One lesson that I have learned and practiced with success is that by writing down my goals and putting them up for all to see (as I’ve done here), I create a sense of accountability with everyone and do what I say I will do.




Matt Lloyd Review – A man of mission MOBE Is It Scam?

At the age of 28, matt Lloyd sits at the helm of the premier home company in the online marketing space. Having hailed from a poor back ground, he learned the value of hard work at a young age. By the time he was in college, he had already started dozens of small businesses – from selling Kangaroo furs, to farming maroon, to mowing lawns; he was willing to try anything. It was the time, when he came across a home business opportunity on the internet. He was eager to invest in online marketing, despite of knowing nothing about it. As a result he could not even make a single sale over a period of 9 months. But, Matt Lloyd didn’t felt disheartened; he kept persisting and slowly results started to show up.

Matt Lloyd’s MOBE:

MOBE Matt Lloyd - ReviewMatt wants to find solution to the biggest business problems that are hindering the growing entrepreneurs. So, he launched MOBE (my online business empire) in mid-2011. Now with over 60 staff, and over 10,000 active partners, the company lends its helping hand for serious entrepreneurs around the world. Through MOBE, matt Lloyd, continue to deliver his valuable insights to both small scale and high end business men. So far over 370,000 entrepreneurs have benefited from his invaluable training.

How MOBE benefits you:

My online business education is a training and internet marketing program that is designed for entrepreneurs who are looking to enhance their knowledge in network marketing and online marketing. The program consists of products that are exclusively prepared by Matt Lloyd. All of his products are reasonably priced and highly focus on generating a business without many risks. Through MOBE training and products, you will learn how to build a real business in your particular niche that you’re interested in. Although you will receive mentorship and guidance from his professional crew, you will be assigned a 6 – 7 figure business coach by Matt himself to aid your understanding of the content taught in My Online Business Empire. The useful training help you create a successful business plan together and place you on the track of victory.

MOBE is legitimate not a scam:

If you do a thorough research about this business training, you would end up with few sites detailing My Online Business education as a scam, a pyramid scheme or a fake scheme. The main stuff of those articles is that the training is completely irrelevant and failed to educate about how to promote business in current shaky environment. But, the complaint is purely baseless. The exposure you get inside of MOBE teaches you everything from basic internet marketing principles to advanced topics like traffic generation and conversions which can be used to market anything. It does wonders for improving your success retention rate of your business. You can witness higher caliber of service and of course higher caliber result, for a less pay and it is completely absurd to say that MOBE is scam.

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