Mobe Training : Increase Your Open Rates

The subject line of your email is perhaps the most important part of the email. It is the first impression that determines whether your email gets read or not. You should spend time creating a smart subject line that will capture the attention of your email recipients and compel them to open the email and read.


Below are 9 types of emails subject lines that will increase the chance of your email getting read.

Straight-to-business Lines

This kind of subject lines do not tarry around. The go straight into what the email is about, for example ‘70% Off all Merchandise’. Time is of the essence for many people, and many will just pass to the next email if they cannot tell what your email is about from the subject line. This is why these kind of subject lines are very important. A MailChimp study actually found them to fare better than overly decorated subject lines in getting emails open.

Shocking Subject Lines

If you want to capture someone’s attention, take them by surprise. Create subject lines with shocking facts, statistics, and new information that people can’t help but want to know what it is about.

Funny Subject Lines

According to statistics by The Radicati Group, the average person receives 88 emails per day. Many of those are pushy sales emails that are trying to tell people to ‘buy this’, ‘you need that’, etc. A humorous subject like can make your email stand out from the masses and make your recipients open the email.

Subject Lines with Numbers or Lists

The human brain is naturally drawn to digits, so subject lines with numbers will attract attention. Lists provide a quick and easy read and they create curiosity to find out what made it into the list.

Single Word Subject Lines

Your email is probably going to be the only one with a single word subject in people’s inboxes, hence it will definitely stand out due to its length. When choosing a single word subject line, choose words that will have enough impact to get people wondering.

For example, ‘Panic’ is a very strong word, when one receives such email they are going to wonder what it’s all about, why they should panic; hence they will open the email to find out.

Use this tips to develop creative subject lines that will help you improve your open rates, which increases the potential of new leads and conversion.

Matt Lloyd on Maximizing RIO from Seminars

The most expensive seminar you can attend is one that does not give you return on investment. The point of attending business seminars is to learn how to get your business started or improve on your existing business.

matt lloyd tips for seminars

You spend days at the seminar taking notes and collecting all brochures and reading material offered. The problem occurs when it’s time to go back home. Most business owners will just go on with their usual routine, the seminar notes cast aside, whatever that was learnt at the seminar never implemented.

Different Approach

Matt Lloyd proposes a different approach towards seminars in order to get the best out of your investment. Instead of going to an event with hopes of learning many things you can implement in your business, he advises looking for only three key things that can have a great impact in your business and make your investment worthwhile if you implement them.

Key Factors

These three key factors can come in any form, it could be a new idea, an experience, a piece of information, or even new connections.

You could pick up an idea that you may have heard or learned before but never considered, and you realize it’s something that you can implement right away.

An experience could come from something you implemented in the past to grow your business, or even for personal growth. You could replicate the positive results of this experience by re-implementing it. An experience could also come from activities and exercises during the seminar that shows you a new strategy which will work for your business.

Connections are the network of other people at the seminar. These are business owners with unique experiences and knowledge you can benefit from. They are also potential business partners. Interact with both speakers and attendees, and swap business contact information for any possible partnering deals in future.


Seminars are an important source of knowledge. There will be a lot of valuable information shared throughout the event. Instead of trying to absorb it all at once, seek important takeaways you can implement on your business when you get back home.

Matt Lloyd Mobe Tips :Make Money 3x Faster

Matt Lloyd Mobe Tips :You can reach that goal, not only faster, but easier because your position in MOBE can give you access to massive residual commissions even after your initial sales.


Single Sale, Multiple Commissions?

Imagine if you sold cars for a living. You would have to put on nice business clothes, talk to a lot of people, listen to their needs, show them the latest models, and go on test-drives.

You would have to make the sale because you’re working entirely on commission.

Now, imagine that after that first commission, you could make further commissions when the new car owner spent more money. How much you made would depend on your position in the sales department. Salespeople at a certain level could get commissions only on gas fill-ups. Higher level salespeople could get commissions on oil changes and fill-ups. Even higher level salespeople could get commissions on any maintenance or repairs … and on oil changes and fill-ups.

Those commissions could really start to add up. That’s a whole lot better than waiting eight years (the average time U.S. drivers keep a new car) to sell another car and make a single commission.

This is similar to how MOBE’s affiliate levels work.

What’s Your Position?

There are several levels of MOBE affiliates and each has the opportunity to earn big commissions.

Standard affiliates can earn 40-50% commissions on all of MOBE’s front-end products, but earn no commissions on back-end products. This means that if one of their leads buys the 21-Step My Top Tier Business (MTTB) program for $49, the affiliate earns $24.50. But if that MTTB customer later decides to upgrade to one of MOBE’s back-end programs (which are all high-ticket products, sold by our in-house phone sales team), the affiliate earns no commission.

MOBE License Rights (MLR) affiliates are the next level up. They can also earn commissions on front-end products, but rather than only 40-50%, they get 90%. On top of that, they are entitled to commissions of 33.3 to 60% on a range of MOBE’s back-end products. If one of their front-end sales later purchases the MLR program (a high-ticket, back-end product), the affiliate makes a $1,200 commission—and never even had to pick up the phone.

Titanium, Platinum and Diamond affiliates can earn all of the previously mentioned front-end commissions and commissions on a range of MOBE’s back-end products.

They can also make commissions of $3,300 to $10,000 per sale when their leads purchase the upper range of MOBE’s back-end programs. Again, affiliates at these levels don’t have to pick up the phone and sell if they don’t want to (though the commissions are even higher if they close their own back-end sales).

We call these various levels “positions.” The higher the position, the more and greater range of commissions an affiliate can collect. At the Diamond level, an affiliate is considered to be “fully-positioned” and has the potential to earn more than $20,000 in commissions from a single lead.

Speed of Achievement

Let’s say that your goal is to make $100,000 a year. That’s $8,333 a month or roughly $2,083 a week.

A Standard affiliate would have to sell 340 MTTB programs a month to achieve that goal. They could also do it by selling 55 to 85 of MOBE’s other front-end products.

An MLR-level affiliate, without any back-end sales, would have to sell 188 MTTBs or 31 to 55 of MOBE’s other front-end products. They could also do it with only six or seven MLR programs a month.

The Titanium and Platinum affiliates routinely earn commissions of $1,250, $3,300 and $5,500—sometimes all at once.

Affiliates at every level still need to drive traffic to their offers in order to get the leads, but it’s easy to see how few sales it takes to make $100,000 a year at the higher levels.

Final Thought

MOBE has paid out more than $51 million in commission to our affiliates. The biggest commissions go to the fully positioned affiliates. So, it factually pays to become fully positioned.

Mobe Affiliate Program :Handling Conflicts

Mobe Affiliate Program Tips: Sometimes people just don’t get along. They are from varying walks of life and will view things differently. Someone’s standpoint on a particular topic may offend someone else and a seemingly sound decision might seem illogical to the next person.


When you are managing people in a business setting, you are bound to find yourself facing personality clashes. These issues could range from something as simple as someone playing music too loudly to larger issues like rumors and accusations. Generally, people will be civil and work together despite their differences, but sometimes issues are such that they cannot find a common ground and you will need to intervene.

Define Acceptable Behavior

Defining what is acceptable and unacceptable in the company is a positive step towards preventing conflict. Create a framework for decision making that will outline behaviors that are in line with the company’s rules and regulations. Outline clearly how managers will select who is in charge of team projects, encourage sound business practices and collaborations, and reward excellent teamwork.

Seek Out Areas of Potential Conflict

Watch out for personality clashes between employees and find ways to help them work together despite their differences. Some personality clashes may be obvious, for example, team members with very strong and opposing convictions on certain subjects. In this case, call both employees and discuss the issue before it becomes a conflict.

Identify the Real Issue

Often the root cause of a conflict is clouded by emotions that surround it. A small issue can escalate to a much larger one because of a simple offense. If Employee “A” is offended by Employee “B” playing their music loudly, and that issue is not addressed quickly, it could affect their working relationship, making it difficult for them to collaborate on projects.

Approach the Situation with an Open Mind

Be neutral and consider both points of view. If an employee reports an issue with another, listen to each side of the story without prejudice. Take an objective look and try to understand each party’s perspective. Ask questions if necessary. Approach the issue with a rational, goal oriented frame of mind, which will depersonalize the conflict and separate the issue from the people involved.

Matt Lloyd Positive Approach Towards MOBE

Deal with Facts, not Emotions

Acknowledging emotions does not mean focusing on them. It means accepting that people are angry, unhappy, hurt, etc., and realizing that the emotions are just a byproduct of the problem. Address the problem, not emotions. Avoid attacking personalities or passing judgement on character. Attacking someone’s character will only cause defensiveness and have people take offense, which will only escalate the conflict. Acknowledge how both parties feel, but be sure to focus on the specific issue needing resolution.

Consider the Best Time to Address the Issue

Mobe Affiliate Program Tips: It is important to address conflict as quickly as possible, but it will be much more difficult if everybody is still angry. People are not likely to be reasonable when emotions are high. Their focus would be on proving they are right, not resolving the conflict. Ask both parties to take time to reflect on the situation, then set up a meeting where everyone can discuss the issue more objectively.

Ask Both Parties to Suggest a Solution

After hearing both sides of the story, ask each participant to suggest what they would like to see happen in order for the issue to be resolved. Encourage the employees to consider the other person and offer a solution that will benefit all parties. Weigh both solutions and decide on a resolution that is in the best interest of the employees and the company. Explain your decision to the employees and make sure everyone is willing to move on.


Mobe Review :Business Leadership

Mobe Review :Most entrepreneurs aren’t thinking of themselves as “business leaders” when they start a company. But in a competitive business environment, effective leadership is necessary to achieve organizational goals.

mobe-review-business-leadershipTo meet such challenge, leaders must be able to inspire, motivate and direct their team members. And that’s not always as easy as it sounds.

Lead … or Else

Mobe Review :Consider, for example, the story of David Blatt, the former head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers. He is a highly regarded basketball coach with a proven track record of success. In his first year as coach, he was fired after helping the Cavaliers during the NBA finals, even though the team is leading in the middle of the current season.


Mobe Review :Whether in sports or business, your approach to leading your team will impact all areas of your life. What happened to Blatt could happen to any business owner who’s charged with the task of leading a mixed bag of superstars and rookies. To help you avoid a similar fate, here are some key takeaways:

Your Team Must Respect You

Mobe Review :Never take the respect of your team for granted. You must earn it every day, just as they must earn yours. Past successes don’t count for much in business, so identify what you know that your team members don’t, and then start teaching them. By constantly working to make the team better—even the star players—you will impress them and earn their respect.

Avoid Playing Favorites

Mobe Review :True leaders don’t play favorites because they know favoritism inevitably erodes team morale. In Blatt’s case, overlooking mistakes made by his star player while pouncing on mistakes made by other team members ended up costing him the respect of his team.

No One’s Perfect

Mobe Review :As David Blatt proved, even experienced leaders with a tremendous A-game can make mistakes. Despite making great strides in his single season with the Cavaliers, his best efforts were waylaid by an unanticipated upturn of events.

Own Your Mistakes

Mobe Review :When leading a team in business, it’s important to own your mistakes. Whether dealing with customers, staff or your senior management team, don’t shy away from acknowledging your own blunders. Doing so shows you’re both human and demanding as much from yourself as others.

Toughness Matters

Mobe Review :To be a successful leader in the business world, you’ll need to stand up for yourself. As Donald Trump told Forbes magazine: “When somebody challenges you, fight back. Be brutal, be tough.” Fellow billionaire and former mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg agrees. At a commencement ceremony Bloomberg said, “In the business world, it’s dog-eat-dog … you occasionally have to throw some elbows.”

Don’t Be a Jerk

Mobe Review :Toughness has its place in business, but don’t get carried away. Team members perform better for business owners and managers they like. As Mark Cuban advises: “People hate dealing with people who are jerks. It’s always easier to be nice than to be a jerk. Don’t be a jerk.”