Mobe Scam Tips :Real Estate Investment Mistakes

Mobe Scam Tips : Despite the current volatile and uncertain market, real estate is one of the few investment sectors still showing promising returns. But like any other endeavor, there is the right and wrong way to do it.

A lot of investors will rush into a promising market without proper strategy, knowledge, or planning, and they end up losing their investments.

The first step in avoiding mistakes is knowing what they are. This  Mobe Scam Tips article includes a list of the most common real estate investment mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Lacking Knowledge and Experience

Having enough money is not the only factor to consider when deciding to invest in real estate. You must have sufficient knowledge about what you are getting yourself into.

Many real estate investors are quick to put their financial lives at risk by investing without fully understanding the possible consequences.

2. Expecting Quick Cash

Self-appointed real estate gurus and their commercials mislead new, over-enthusiastic investors into believing real estate investment is a ‘get-rich-quick’ solution. Making money in real estate is definitely not the overnight success they make it out to be. It is a long-term investment which requires hard work and persistence before you reap profits.

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3. Playing the Lone Ranger

Real estate investment is not a one man show. The key to success is building a strong team of experienced professionals. At the very least, your team should include a real estate agent, an appraiser, a home inspector, an attorney, and a lender.

4. Paying Too Much

One of the greatest risks that come with not having a qualified team to guide you is getting ripped off. A lot of real estate investors do not make money because they bought an over-valued property.

5. Failing to Plan

Many investors will buy property and then try to come up with a plan on what to do with it. That kind of impulsive, backward planning is a major reason investors lose money in real estate.

6. Neglecting Due Diligence

Investing is a fast paced industry and often you have to move quickly on your deals or risk losing them. However, that is not an excuse for signing a contract without doing thorough research.

7. Incorrect Estimations

When budgeting, people tend to underestimate expenses and overestimate profits. When budgeting for your investment, always estimate the maximum cost for expenses, plus a little more for unexpected expenses.

8. Staying Too Long in the Market

A market might be secure today and crumbling tomorrow. You have to study market trends closely and be ready to sell at the right time. For example, when property prices rise, many investors have a tendency to hold on in expectation of another hike.

9. Misjudging Cash Flow

If you intend on renting your property, you need a budget for the maintenance of the property and other expenses like, the mortgage, taxes, insurance, and the cost of advertising.

10. No Exit Strategy

Mobe Scam Tips :What if your property does not sell or get leased? Many investors have no real exit strategy for when their investment does not go according to plan. Have several well planned exit strategies and set timelines for when to implement them.

Profitable Real Estate Deals for Entry-Level Investors


Mobe Products Ideas: Raising Money

Mobe Products Ideas: The most difficult thing about owning a small business has to be deciding on how and where to spend money. So many areas of your business demanding resources, so little money to spend! Many small businesses might opt for a loan, but you might not want an extra financial commitment when you are barely keeping the finances of your business together.

mobe-products-ideas-raising-moneyWithout a loan and the financial boost that comes with it, the prospects of startup growth and expansion might seem very small and this could discourage your expansion endeavours. Fortunately, there are many other ways of financing your startup business for growth without adding another burden of a loan to your plate.

Mobe Products Tips to Raise Money for Your Business:

  • Cut off Functions That Are Not Profitable

Evaluate your company and cut out every function that is not profitable or effective. Some parts of the business have become “must have’s” that we tend to automatically always have them even when a company doesn’t really need them, e.g. Human Resource or Payroll.

  • Make Faster Decisions

Analyze and interpret data and trends quickly, then make decisions on your next move. This puts you ahead of your competitors and facilitates the implementation of new strategies by your business first.

  • Utilize All Tax Credits

Find out all the tax credits you are entitled to and leverage on them. There are a lot of tax exemptions that can help you save money that many businesspeople are not aware of, e.g. resale exclusions and machinery exemptions.

  • Get Grants

Like tax exemptions, there are many grants available to small businesses for growth, especially if your record shows that you are doing well. A thorough research and visit to all local business funding departments will help you find out about which grants you qualify for.

  • Rent Out Your Facility

An office rearrangement can create lots of space that can be partitioned into rooms and be rented out to generate a lot of passive income. You can also rent out meeting rooms to other companies or small time entrepreneurs who need temporary space, e.g. tutors.

  • Open Up Your Website for Advertising

Many small companies do not have a website yet and are always looking for easy and inexpensive ways to advertise. Allowing such companies to place advertisements will generate you a good deal of passive income, as you can advertise for several companies at a go.

  • Factoring

This is a financing method where a business owner sells accounts receivables to a third party source to raise funding. Simply, after you receive an invoice, you sell it to someone at a discount for immediate cash.

  • Issue Bonds

You can sell bonds to investors, who will only receive interest on the bond issued. Bonds are different from stock investment because you still fully own your business and the bond investors do not even participate in the decision-making process of the business.

  • Preferred Stock

This is a form of equity financing where you sell shares to individuals; but unlike stock, they hold no vote on company governance and can only receive a predetermined return on their stock. Preferred stock outlines the current value of the shares and the expected value per share dividend each year.

  • Common Stock

Lastly, if you don’t mind sharing, you can sell part of your company for common stock. This gives the buyers a voting share in the company. To still maintain control of your company, you can sell only a small amount of shares, and even negotiate a buyout or preference should the buyers ever decide to sell their shares.

Mobe Training :”Marketing Metric”

Mobe Training : If you can measure it, you can improve it. And in terms of marketing campaigns, if you can improve the metrics, you can increase your income.

mobe-training-marketing-metricHere’s an overview of how it works and which metrics you should pay attention to.

Is it still possible to earn money targeting MOBE funnels, or is it necessary to customize my offer? – Matt Lloyd MOBE Training

Scientific Advertising

Mobe Training : If he were around today, Claude Hopkins would be really impressed with how easy it is to measure the effect of one’s marketing efforts.

Hopkins, who passed away in 1932, was a U.S. pioneer of effective direct response advertising—how to know you’re getting the most return for your marketing dollars—which he talked about in his influential 1923 book, Scientific Advertising.

How Good Was Hopkins at Getting Results?

Mobe Training : In 1907, an advertising agency hired him for $185,000 a year to run their campaigns and that’s approximately $4.5 million today.

As it started with Hopkins, which has continued for all the years prior to the internet, the surest way to measure response to a marketing campaign was to include a coupon in ads that people could cut out and mail to claim a free sample, booklet, or other no-obligation free offer.

Mobe Training Tips:Digital Marketing

Mobe Training : With tools like Google Analytics, you can monitor various metrics for your website or landing pages and get an accurate picture of how profitable your advertising is. Here are the seven most important metrics to monitor:

  • Total number of visits:This raw number of visits is the first thing to look at, preferably in relation to previous months or weeks. This way, you can know if your campaign is still strong or is falling off and needs review.
  • Bounce rate: When a visitor arrives to your site but clicks away without looking at any other pages, they are said to “bounce.” Ideally, you’ll want a low bounce rate as it indicates that the content on your site is helpful or compelling.

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A consistently high bounce rate may indicate the opposite. However, the entire subject is a bit controversial as the information on a particular page may be so comprehensive that a visitor already gets what they were seeking with no need to look further.

  • Traffic source: Visitors arrive on your site or page from somewhere. The “Acquisition” section of Google Analytics (GA) breaks those sources down into four categories: direct (using your site’s URL), referrals (other sites your visitors clicked to go to your site), organic (using search engines), or social (through social media).

A review of channel-specific traffic will reveal strength or weakness in social media marketing, content marketing, SEO, and more.

  • New sessions: This GA metric will tell you the percentage of new site visitors versus the percentage of repeat visitors based on a specific time period. A high rate of repeat visitors tells you that your content is helpful and/or compelling. When that number begins to drop, you know it’s time to pay some attention to the value of your content.

The following metrics deal more with the strength of your sales efforts:

  • Total number of conversions: This is a big factor in determining the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. You can track this directly on your website, depending on what you consider a conversion (an opt-in, a sale, etc.) or you can set up a “goal” in GA to track a specific action or completed activity.
  • Cost per lead: If you use paid advertising, such as pay-per-click campaigns, you would divide the cost of the ad by the number of opt-ins it got. This, of course, would be calculated separately for different lead-generating channels.
  • Close-to-lead ratio: What are your most effective sales pages? Who are your most effective sales people? The answer is in this question: How many leads turn into closes?

Divide the number of sales into the number of leads to get the ratio. Improve the ratio by isolating where your sales effort is weak and strengthening it using better copy or a more motivated or skilled salesperson, etc.

Mobe Review :PERT Chart

Mobe Review : Time management is an issue for most ordinary individuals on a daily basis. As an entrepreneur running a business, it is absolutely crucial.


Most companies are running a lot of projects and tasks all at the same time—and sometimes, it’s difficult to keep track. Smaller projects are easy to manage using a simple sheet containing progress status and due dates. Larger projects; however, might benefit from the use of a PERT chart which outlines everything in detail, from start to finish by showing a hierarchy of tasks in graphical form.

MOBE Matt Lloyd Review – Idea and Strategies

The Basic of a PERT Chart

Mobe Review : PERT is an acronym for Program Evaluation Review Technique which is a visual representation of steps for a project to efficiently finish it on time.


Above is an example of a PERT chart layout. There are a lot of styles and formats to choose from online and it doesn’t have a standard way of doing it. You can use whichever is convenient for you.
The goal is to start plotting tasks backwards from the due date to ensure that you’ll accomplish the project on time. Writing it out on paper is the best way to plot tasks and sequence of events. But if you find it comfortable to directly create it on a computer application or program, do it.

Creating a PERT Chart

Mobe Review : A PERT chart needs the full outline of a project with a checklist and a specific timeline. Project managers are the ones in charge of overseeing progress and the people who know best to construct a PERT chart. They know the details of the project, can breakdown tasks, accurately categorize it in order of priority, assigning people responsible for each task, as well as estimate the deadlines for each milestone.

To successfully manage your project using a PERT chart, consider the following tips:

Tip 1:

Whether or not you’re the one setting the deadline, think things through carefully before mapping out the PERT chart. Pay attention to details and check if the due dates are feasible along with the workload involved.

Tip 2:

When working backwards from the due date, assume the necessity for wiggle room, in case a setback occurs and rattles the project timeline—or the unexpected happens.

Tip 3:

Use the Critical Path Analysis (CPA) planning tool to assist you in organizing your PERT chart. It can help you identify which tasks can be delayed, if necessary, and which ones must not fall behind.

PERT Chart Disadvantages

Mobe Review : When a project is extremely complex, it would be difficult to break it down into workable sections. One way to solve this issue is by using a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) tool. There are many similar tools which you can find online that offer free trials.

WBS tools are used to help you analyze the scope of a project, especially for a large one. Unfortunately, it doesn’t tell you how to lay out the tasks and timelines. It can; however, assist you in creating a Gantt chart.


Invented by Henry Gantt in the early 1900, a Gantt chart is used in much the same way as a PERT chart, except it lacks the detail necessary for many of today’s complex business projects. Though, it can assist in helping to map out timing before creating the PERT, which is crucial.

Mobe Scam Tips :Loss in Stock Market

Mobe Scam Tips :Do most people lose money in the stock market? I could just type either a yes or no and leave it at that but let’s take a deeper look at the question. The sad reality of the stock market is it can produce the extremes on both sides. Right now there is probably a trader ready to jump off a bridge from trading losses while another trader is sipping Crystal in a private jet from trading wins. The real question is what separates these two. After all it’s the same market for everyone right? Here are a few areas why I think traders/investors get it wrong from the start.


No End Game

Mobe Scam Tips : Most investors/traders have great ideas but they have no end game or exit strategy. If you buy a stock the main goal is to sell it for more than what you paid for it. This may sound elementary yet there were trillions of profits wiped out in both the dot com bubble of 2001 and the credit crisis of 2008, all from investors who did not sell positions or refused to take profits allowing all those gains to vanish. The saying is “You haven’t made a dime unless you take the profits.” You can have a million dollar trade but unless you book some of that profit it’s just a bunch of numbers on a statement that means nothing, numbers that can easily vanish in a market correction. Wealth isn’t built on gains it’s built on taking profits. Otherwise it’s as if they never existed at all.


Mobe Scam Tips : Nothing lasts forever and that is especially true in trading or investing. The stock market is an ever changing animal. The stocks or investments that are hot today may be worthless next year. (More of a reason to constantly take profits.) The way we do business today may radically change in the future. When I first started trading stocks were still listed in fractions not cents. Most trades were done via the telephone and not by the click of a button like it is now. And there certainly was no social media or High Frequency trading firms around in the numbers they are today. Each one of these events has changed the way we do business and make trades. The way we access our information has changed and the way the stock market behaves has changed as well. If you don’t change with it you will go backwards.

Accepting the Real

Mobe Scam Tips : Some people feel the need more than others but for all of us to some degree we feel the need for something to make sense and if there is something that does not make any sense at all it’s the stock market. Let me explain. Let’s say you research a certain company diligently and you feel they will grow exponentially. Based on that information you decide to buy the stock. When the company reports earnings you were right, their profit grew triple or quadruple yet the stock tanks. You don’t get it so you hold but it keeps going down and down but you won’t sell the position because you don’t understand how it could possibly be going down so much when everything about the company sounds so good.

However, in this situation, the only thing you should understand is that you are losing money; that is the reality. In other words people lose money because they trade what they believe not what they see. Most people can’t separate themselves from this emotion. For those reading that do not believe me about the market being irrational or not making sense just look at the charts on the following stocks: GENE DGLY LAKE VLTC PBMD you’ll see what I mean.


Mobe Scam Tips : Education will be the sole source as to whether or not you will win/lose money in the stock market. I don’t mean high end university education or a current profession that required a substantial amount of education to achieve such as a doctor, engineer etc. You need specific stock market education if you intend on keeping your money and becoming rich. Too many people neglect this area. They feel they can read a few articles in money magazine and get by or if they are good with numbers they can figure this out to. I don’t care how smart you think you are you cannot compete with algorithms, hedge funds, highly funded institutions and market manipulators without taking the necessary time to educate yourself. If you are not willing to do that then don’t even bother trading. Sure you may learn along the way but chances are you will run out of funds before you turn the corner.

The stock market can put more wealth in your pocket than just about any other career out there. In fact the majority of the world’s richest people are tied to the stock market in some fashion However, there are no short cuts. You can have all the success you want but you are going to have to work for it. As a full time trader and a stock market teacher I’m surprised on how many people enter this field under the expectation that it’s a place of easy money. Once people find out it’s not many of them just quit. That is why the turnover rate is so high. Not because they can’t make money; it is because they underestimated it.