How to Get Results with The MOBE Affiliate Program

Mobe-Affiliate-Program-Review-e1461058933828To earn commission with the MOBE affiliates program, you have to produce results. You can spend hours doing the necessary actions to get clicks, leads and sales, but without making an actual sale, you do not get paid. But how do you get these results and star earning commissions?


Solid Foundation

The foundation of your business is important for your overall success. You have to first learn and understand what exactly affiliate marketing is, and how to go about it. With the MOBE affiliate program, one of the first steps you have to take when joining the program is to go through My Top Tier Business (MTTB), a groundbreaking, comprehensive 21 step program that teaches you all you need to know about affiliate marketing, and prepares you for success. Make money 3x Faster


Then you need to start building your website, pages, and marketing campaigns. If you are not very competent in technology, you can outsource tasks like website building to experienced designers that will make your website more user friendly.


Focus On the Money Makers

All the steps mentioned above are necessary activities for getting results. But they do not directly bring in the money, so you should not spend all of your time on them. Once you get the gist of the business, outsource the website setups and such other activities, and focus on things that will directly help you bring in money. This are activities like building an email list, contacting prospects, engaging them, doing follow ups, and closing sales.


There Is No Success ‘Hot Button’

One thing you should always keep in mind is that there is no one thing you can do to get results. It is a combination of many little activities that all set up the stage for success. You need to gradually and constantly keep improving all your efforts to be able to get results and sustain it. Constantly evaluate your website. Check your content, offer better lead magnets, improve your entire funnels. It is all about getting all these small activities right. As you get better at it, the combined effort will produce better results.

Motivation from MOBE Matt Lloyd On Completing MTTB

MOBE Matt Lloyd Tips: Most people who join an affiliate marketing program never really go past a few first days. They start with the best of intentions. They want to escape the rat race and gain financial freedom, but the sad truth is, about 80% of them will not even make it past the training stage.

mobe matt lloyd tips for motivation

Some people who have joined the MOBE affiliate program never reach the final 21st step of MTTB. One of the biggest reasons for this is lack of motivation. Some people expect affiliate marketing to be a ‘get-rich-quick’ program, and when they have to go through long hours of training and not getting the money they expected immediately, they lose heart and eventually their zeal to go on with the program.

How Serious Are You About the Business?

If you are at a standstill and are looking for some motivation to finally finish MTTB, Matt Lloyd suggests you first ask yourself how serious you are with the business. What is your reason for wanting to get in the business? Maybe you want to pay off a debt. How important is it that you pay the debt? It is obviously pretty serious, so you want to take that as your main motivation. Think of the money you stand to make at the end of the training, and how better at your business you will be when you have all the necessary knowledge and skills. You can pay your debt, and have enough steady income coming in that you can actually leave your job and have quality time with your family.

Look at Top Earner Results

Another motivating factor is the results other. MOBE has paid a collective $51 million in commission, and the some of the top earners have made over a million dollars in commission. Finishing MTTB is your first step towards potentially earning that kind of money. Matt Lloyd says one of the reasons some MOBE consultants are able to earn such commission is because they are willing to do more than the average person. The average person will procrastinate what they need to do for their business, and they will never go anywhere with it. You can choose to be the average majority and live the rat race, or to put more effort into your business and gain financial freedom.


Mobe Ratings :Motivate Slackers

Mobe Ratings : If there is one thing that everyone hates, it’s a slacker—and they affect everything. From deadlines to quality, they can hinder your company’s productivity by dragging down or slowing down your team’s efforts. It’s understandable that on some days, employees become unproductive which takes efficiency out of their used-to-be best performance.

10-ways-employers-can-motivate-slackers-to-be-productive-Mobe Ratings

Sure, everyone needs a break at some point. But how do you turn laziness around to get the best out of your staff? Check out these management tricks to help you get better output from everyone on your team.

1. Schedule a one-on-one talk.

Mobe Ratings : No matter how much it kills, you can’t go around firing people right off the bat. For all you know, there is a reason why employee productivity gets affected and the only way to find out is to talk to the employee concerned.

2. Be clear about goals.

Mobe Ratings : Making team goals is one thing, but creating individual ones can be daunting to some. Sometimes, employees slack off because they are bored or do not know what their managers expect from them.

3. Tap into their desires.

Mobe Ratings :There is nothing like a good incentive to keep employees driven. Giving bonuses or rewarding them may be one of the oldest tricks in the book, but it still works. Your employees will be more motivated in doing their job if they have a constant need to achieve something. If you don’t know what they want, you will not entice them to perform better, resulting in wasted efforts and resources.

4. Add more responsibilities.

Mobe Ratings : Added responsibilities become a challenge for some employees and it’s the best way for you to find out where your unmotivated employee’s talents fit. Think of it as an experiment if you will, but there is a bigger chance that your employee will rise to the challenge and will like the situation to stay that way.

5. Discuss career ladder.

Mobe Ratings : Get your employees to look forward to something aside from their performance goals. At times, painting a picture of the not-so-distant future gets your employees moving forward. Moreover, creating a career ladder for them helps in planning their course of action until the next career upgrade, so to speak.

6. Offer a lateral movement.

Mobe Ratings : When employees get into a routine, they get bored. This might be true with your slacker employee. However, a lateral movement is not just exchanging jobs with another person. It entails careful consideration so as not to affect the morale of the employee.

7. Create a training plan.

Mobe Ratings : There is a reason why employees got hired in the first place and it’s usually because they have great potential. Invest in their skills by sending them to seminars, trainings and workshops; because not only do you make them more valuable for your organization, you also boost their confidence.

8. Don’t be hostile.

Mobe Ratings : Slackers or underperforming employees might be getting on your nerves, but this is no call to be mean or sarcastic to them. Making them unhappy in the workplace increases the chance that you will tick them off and get them to resign.

9. Don’t be easily impressed.

Mobe Ratings : When slackers get the feeling that they are going to get fired unless they get their act together, they tend to change overnight. When they do so, don’t be too quick with your praises. You want excellence to become a habit and you might need to be prudent in waiting for it to become a routine.

10. Remember, they have a life outside of their jobs.

Mobe Ratings : Communication is important, but so is empathy. When you get the chance to do that one-on-one talk with your employee, remember that there is a possibility that they are going through a personal matter. Offer to give them some time off to settle their personal stuff.

Matt Lloyd Mobe Tips: Compare, Compete, and Conquer

Matt Lloyd Mobe Tips: The 3 c’s are Compare, Compete, and Conquer. Legendary boxing coach Freddie Roach has been in the corner of some of the most successful fighters in the history of the sport. From multi-division world champions like Manny Pacquiao and Miguel Cotto to the likes of Oscar De La Hoya and Mike Tyson, Roach’s professional background boasts a lot of titles and accolades.

Matt Lloyd Mobe TipsBut Roach didn’t just train these fighters to master their own “tools”—a better jab or a faster weave—he trained them to understand their opponents.

As well you train to become better at your own art, athletes have to understand their opponents, study them, then adapt. Only when you understand your competition’s strengths and weaknesses can you adapt your own strategy to gain success.

  • Read Their Copy.

Matt Lloyd Mobe Tips: This isn’t about copying. It’s about learning how the competition is “talking” to your shared audience. Are they saying things that you should be saying? Are they using a language that is more appropriate for your market?

  • What’s Their Online Ranking?

Matt Lloyd Mobe Tips: Once you analyze your competition’s website and content, list a number of keywords that they use and run them in search engines. If the rankings they receive are more prolific than yours, you can act on that by adding their words to your own website, landing pages, graphics, and headers.

  • What Is Their Online Marketing Strategy?

Matt Lloyd Mobe Tips: Check your competition’s online marketing campaigns and the visuals they use. Is it different from yours and is it more successful? If this is the case, you might need to tweak your marketing strategy to reach out to the same target audience and gain your own customers.

  • Check Their Social Media Presence.

Matt Lloyd Mobe Tips: Social media is the definitive method of interacting with customers. Having a strong and interactive online presence not only helps you retain paying customers, but it also encourages new ones to engage and try out what your business can offer. Making your posts and updates entertaining even results to a bonus of having people enjoy and share your content.

  • What Does Their Audiences Communicate?

Matt Lloyd Mobe Tips: You shouldn’t stick solely with your competition’s social media accounts to know their customer’s feedback. Consequently, you also need to check your competition’s blog pages and forums.

  • Buy Directly from Your Competition.

Matt Lloyd Mobe Tips: Whatever industry you’re in, you can buy or use a product or service that your competition sells to get a real idea of what you’re up against. You may find that your product development becomes more productive when you realize that there is something your competition is missing in their products or services.

  • What Platforms Have They Missed?

So, your competitor is a Facebook hit and a Twitter wizard. So what? There’s bound to be some platform that they’ve failed to capitalize on. Startup companies tend to go all out in “social media” and begin “socializing” with audiences as soon as they set up their profiles on networking sites (as the ‘start your own business’ handbooks tell them), yet they tend to forget signing up on other online platforms that can be just as effective for customer engagement.

  • How Do They Manage Their Brand?

Matt Lloyd Mobe Tips: Researching your competition’s social media presence will definitely give you a glimpse into how brand management works. If this is your first business, any little insight will help when it comes to managing your own brand.

  • Use Research.

Matt Lloyd Mobe Tips: Google Alerts gives you a steady stream of information that allows you to monitor your competition’s performance and strategies. Whether it’s from mission statements, sales alerts, or other marketing campaigns, Google Alerts will notify you of their overall performance and reveal what works and what doesn’t.

why do google redesign their logo

  • How Effective Is the Status of Their Company Culture?

Matt Lloyd Mobe Tips: You’ll never know exactly what a day-to-day experience is within the confines of your competition’s office walls, but you can definitely pick up on what’s important to them and what defines their company culture.