Successful MOBE Consultant Offers

Successful MOBE- You don’t have to study internet marketing anymore in order to introduce people to MOBE. As a MOBE consultant, you can use the following offline method to build a thriving MOBE business.

An Untapped Opportunity

Originally, MOBE focused almost exclusively on internet-based affiliate marketing. But two years ago, we began to transition towards a new focus—small business training and education—with the introduction of the MOBE Marketplace.

One benefit of this shift in focus is that people who wanted to market MOBE but felt thwarted by all the necessary computer technology can now participate in the MOBE opportunity without ever placing a single paid online advertisement.

My Online Business Education is now My Own Business Education. Our affiliates are now called consultants.

Using offline contact methods, our consultants can tap the wide-open market of small businesses seeking to improve some aspect of their operation and present those solutions on the MOBE Marketplace.

It’s a largely untapped opportunity that more MOBE consultants can use to build an offline MOBE business and make excellent commissions.

Generate Traffic Offline

As a MOBE consultant, you will engage in business-to-business (B2B) marketing—you are one business and you’re marketing to other businesses.

In the beginning, you should choose one kind or a few kinds of businesses that you want to market to. Perhaps it’s insurance agencies or health clubs or automotive repair shops—or all three.

The primary offline method of B2B marketing is the sales letter. The purpose of a sales letter is (1) to draw the prospect’s attention to the possibility of a benefit, (2) let the prospect know that you’re available to consult them on how to achieve that benefit and, (3) get them to contact you for a consultation.

Businesses have all kinds of potential challenges, but a universal problem is how to get more customers in the door.

Create a simple, one-page sales letter with a subject line that grabs the prospect’s attention: “If there were a way to double your customers in the next 60 days, you’d want to know about it, right?” Then tell them to read on and you will advise them on how to do it for free.

In the body of the sales letter, include some short paragraphs on these topics:

  • What the consultation consists of—how long it runs, that it’s personalized, etc.
  • Information about yourself—that you’re a small business consultant who helps businesses increase revenues, improve employee retention, reach new markets, etc.—however you want to position yourself.
  • Personalize your letter—i.e., if you’re mailing to auto repair shops, the letter should make reference to the specific challenges of the auto repair business.
  • How to contact you—create an online contact form and put a link to it in the letter. You can create this form with or another service.

On the form, ask for their name, email, phone number, website, the best time to reach them, as well as their biggest frustrations and those kinds of things.

Include a call-to-action button: “Schedule my free consultation” or something similar.

Mail your letter to the businesses you’re marketing to. If you send out 100 letters, you may get five, 10, or more responses.

How to Handle Your Leads

When your prospects respond to your letter and fill out your contact form, you will get an email notification that contains their information.

This is a very good position to find yourself in because it means the copy in your letter is working (the more responses you get, the better it’s working) and it means they recognize you as a consultant and, to some degree, an authority.

Call the lead and schedule a consultation. Always give the impression that you are in demand—that your time is limited and valuable. Do this by indicating that you only have appointments available between certain hours on certain days. Make them choose between the times you are available. Keep the entire cycle on your terms, not theirs.

When you call them back, explain how the call will proceed—again, it’s your terms, not theirs. You could say something like, “I’d like to find out more about your business, what your exact difficulties are, your immediate and future goals, etc.” Tell them that if you think you can help them, you will indicate how to proceed, but if you don’t, you will let them know that too.

Then ask them to tell you about their business. They will usually be more than happy to tell you all about it and that’s what you want, so let them do the talking. Listen to them closely and you will uncover their pain points.

When they’re done, you want to say something to them that indicates that you fully understood the situation with their business.

If you’ve listened closely and really understood what they’ve told you, they should come back at you with something affirmative, like “Yes, you really get what I’m saying” or “That’s exactly it.”

At that point, you would introduce the solution to their problem. You might lead into it with a statement like, “If I could show you how to increase your targeted leads every week (or whatever their situation is) for less than $1,000, that would be a pretty good value, wouldn’t it?”

They will likely say “yes.” Then you introduce the solution from the MOBE Marketplace that corresponds to their problem, show the benefits, features, and then close the purchase.

Final Thought

This is something that MOBE consultants were able to do in the past, but few of them did. With the finalization of MOBE’s shift to small business training and education, all the pieces are in place to fully support this kind of offline marketing approach. Especially for people who don’t have the patience or inclination to learn the technology of online marketing, this approach is ideal.

MOBE Matt Lloyd:Financial Mistakes to Avoid

MOBE Matt: Why does the rich keep getting richer when everyone else seems to be plummeting into a financial black hole? Is it an inevitable destiny that you just have to accept and learn to live with? Not quite.

The greatest secret to people who succeed in business is their approach to investment and the financial decisions they make. They avoid common financial mistakes and make decisions that keep them growing in wealth.

Below are some of the common financial mistakes that you should avoid if you want to grow your wealth.

  • Not Investing in Yourself

The most profitable investment you can make in life is investing in yourself. Your time and money should be primarily spent on improving your knowledge and skills before you can hope to get successful in other investments. If you want to become successful in affiliate marketing, you have to be willing to spend on learning and tools that will propel you up like the MOBE training tools and MOBE products.

  • Buying Cheap

In efforts to save money, most people will buy the cheapest option available. Granted, it saves you some money at that moment, until you have to replace your purchase three months later. Good quality goods don’t usually come cheap, and cheap goods don’t last long. In the same way, when you are investing on your business development, think quality not price. Some of the high ticket MOBE products might not cheap, but they offer you proven methods that a lot of MOBE consultants are already making great commissions from.

  • Staying in a Stagnant Income

Some people get too comfortable with their financial situations. They learn to make do with what they earn and hardly ever make an attempt to improve their income. Maybe you have been thinking of earning extra income with a program like the MOBE affiliate program, but you just can’t get yourself to get started.

You have become too comfortable in making meek ends. If you want financial freedom, you’ll have to accept that wanting is not enough. You have to actually invest your money and time in learning and implementing strategies that will get you earning more.


Some of the things you might think are saving you money are actually costing you in the long run. For example, you could choose a cheap product to learn how to grow your business. But what you don’t realize is the program providers can’t spend much time developing the program if they are charging a ridiculously low price. Which means you are getting mediocre education at best, hence your business never reaches it greatest potential.

Matt Lloyd On Presenting Webinars

As a MOBE consultant, you want to promote MOBE products in the best way possible to earn more commissions. You have put up quite effective strategies, and you are considering webinars as your next move. But you don’t know how to start. Matt Lloyd talks about how newbies can create effective webinars here.

Offer Value, And Advance a Sale

Your content should offer your audience information of value, but if should also advance a sale. The purpose of your webinar and all other marketing materials is to make sales at the end of the day. You want to move your prospects from a point where they are slightly interested to actually taking out their credit card and making a purchase.

Matt Lloyd advices finding a minimum of 3 core pieces of content, then spending about 10 minutes discussing each. You will introduce your core piece of content, then talk about why your audience needs to implement it, showing them the benefit in doing so. Clearly explain the value of your core piece of content and make sure your audience understands well.

Call to Action

By the time you reach the end of the webinar, your content will have already supported the sale. Your prospects will be seeing the value in what you discussed. Now it is time to introduce the MOBE products that you are promoting. Matt Lloyd suggest using your personal experience with the product, talking about how it has worked out for you. You could also talk about a few case studies and testimonies from other MOBE consultants.


So now you have given your prospects information of value and built them up for purchase. You have introduced them to MOBE products, now it’s time to close the webinar. When you close, Matt Lloyd advices telling them to go to a link to get started. You want to put a call to action here, where you tell them to get the product you are promoting, briefly reminding them of all the benefits you have discusses which they will get from the product.

MOBE Matt Lloyd Tips: Buying Spectrum and Make More Sales

MOBE Matt Lloyd Tips: It is important that you understand how consumers make their buying decisions if you want to sell them products. Consumers don’t just wake up and buy stuff, especially high value items. An entrepreneur would research a lot about MOBE and read its reviews before they purchase MOBE products.

mobe matt lloyd tips to increase the sales

Below is a MOBE training guide on the 5 stages a consumer goes through before they decide to purchase a product.

Need Recognition

For consumers to buy a product, they have to realize that they need it. Maybe an entrepreneur has been struggling with making significant sales. They realize that they could be doing the wrong thing, so they decide to invest on assistance.

Information Search

After people realize a need, they search for solutions to that need. Maybe they have heard about a MOBE training program, My Top Tier Business, for example. The will go online and read more about the program. They will find reviews and ratings and any information they can get. This is your moment to impress them. If you have built impressive pages with the right content about MOBE training programs, they could get information from your pages, you make a lead, and are on your way to high commissions.

Alternative Evaluation

Consumers will also search for alternatives to the solution they are looking for. Create your content pages with honest, informative content that shows the consumer the value of MOBE training programs and the superior quality they get with MOBE products. Involve and engage consumers when they reach out to you in order to give them ample information about MOBE and its products to help them make a decision.

Purchase Decision

After the prospect is satisfied with the information and have decided that MOBE training programs are the best for them, they will proceed with the purchase. The purchase decision here is heavily influenced by the consumer experience, so make sure the buying process is pleasant and satisfactory to customers.

Post Purchase Feel

Once the consumer has purchased the MOBE training program, they will evaluate the adequacy at which it satisfies their need. Their satisfaction with the product will minimize the purchase decision steps in future when they purchase MOBE products.  With the superior quality and value of MOBE products, all you have to do if provide a pleasant purchase process to make sure the customer comes back to buy from you.


As a MOBE consultant, you have an important part in influencing the prospect’s buying decision. You need to provide them with valuable information that shows them that indeed MOBE training programs and products are a solution to their needs. Your information should make the value and quality of the products shine, and you have to make the consumer feel appreciated for them to come back.

MOBE Matt Lloyd Tips: Reduce Risk When Investing in Stock

MOBE Matt Lloyd Tips: More people are leaving the corporate world to start their own businesses. The internet is offering very profitable avenues for entrepreneurship. You could start an online marketing business with a great program like the MOBE affiliates program and earn high commissions.

mobe matt lloyd tips for stock market

Another great way to make money is through investing in stock. Stock investing is historically proven to give higher returns than placing your money in bonds, Guaranteed Investment Certificates or savings accounts. It is also a very high risk financial move. The list below discusses how you can reduce the high risks of stock investment and enjoy its great returns.

  • Get Information

Lack of knowledge is the greatest risk to new investors, so reduce your risks by learning everything there is to know about stock investing.  If you are brand new to investing, it’s always best to seek professional advice. Talk to financial advisors and ask for insights from seasoned investors. This will help you choose less risky investments that will still give you high returns

  • Put Your Finances in Order

Investing is risky business, and you should hold off on it if you are currently facing any financial situation. You must be financial secure before you take the plunge into the stock market. Discuss your financial security with your financial planner and get their green light to start investing.

  • Keep You Costs Low

Keeping your investment costs low is not the same as investing small fractions of money. Investment costs includes all the percentage charges and investment fees you will incur when investing. Over time, all this small percentages and fees add up and could take up to a third of your investment returns.

  • Diversify Your Investments

Spreading your investments across a variety of assets is the best way to reduce investment risk. Not putting your eggs in one basket reduces the risk of losing all your assets if an investment does badly.

You cannot entirely eliminate risk when investing; even the safest investments have some form of risk involved. Your best bet at keeping your assets safe is minimizing risk wherever possible. Use this MOBE training guide to make better decisions when you put your money into stock investment.